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NOTE: The Diverse Books Club will close on December 29, 2018. Read the Letter From Our Founder for all the details.


What is the DBC?

We are a community of readers dedicated to exploring diverse literature of all kinds. 

Our origin story

Our reading community was founded in the summer of 2017 by Madeleine of Top Shelf Text. Troubled by the ever-increasing discrimination and divide in the wake of the 2016 United States Presidential election, Madeleine made it a goal to expand her reading life to include more diverse literature. When she asked if others were interested in joining her, she received an overwhelming number of responses. After just a few weeks of rapid coordination, the Diverse Books Club grew from a personal goal to a sizable community moderated by a team of dedicated readers. 

You can meet our entire team here.

how do you define diversity?

We define diversity very broadly to refer to any circumstance or trait that impacts a person's identity or experience in the world. As readers, we are aiming to build empathy for those who have different life experiences than our own. We're not experts -- we're here to learn!

How does it work?

Each month, we select a theme related to an aspect of diversity. We then choose an an adult selection, a young adult or middle grade selection, and a handful of picture books based on that theme. In choosing more than one selection, our readers have the option to read a book that best suits their entry point for discussions about that topic.

We're here to do more than just talk about books -- we also have unique features to help you dig deeper into your reading experience, including related resources, author profiles, and more. See below for more of the details on our many extras!

How can I join?

First, you may want to subscribe to our blog so that you can stay in-the-know. Subscribing means you'll receive an email from us whenever we post something new here on our website.

You'll also want to follow us on Instagram @diversebooksclub and on Twitter @diversebookclub. Our monthly book discussions take place on Instagram. For precise dates, check out our Calendar.

How can i support the dbc?

The DBC is a volunteer operation, run by readers who dedicate their free time to cultivating an inclusive community. It takes quite a bit of work behind the scenes to keep the DBC running smoothly. We are so grateful to readers who support us through our Patreon. Your support goes towards the operational costs of the DBC. When you become a DBC Patreon supporter, you'll be added to our exclusive monthly newsletter from our Founder, Madeleine. Each month, Madeleine sends out her thoughts on our current selections, plus reflections on a growing reading life, and other tidbits from behind the scenes of the DBC.

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This is not your average book club.

Here's what makes us unique.

Author profiles & interviews

We research our authors so that you can learn more about their background and how their stories came to life. Occasionally, we'll feature interviews or video chats with the authors themselves.

Check out our author resources here.

classroom connections

Are you a teacher, homeschooler, or parent? We have resources for you too! Our classroom connections show you how to talk about and use our selections with children in various settings.

Check out our classroom connections here.

related resources

Wanting to dig deeper into one of our selections? We research related resources -- articles, videos, and more -- to help you expand your knowledge beyond the pages of our selections.

Check out our related resources here.

recommendation roundups

You know that feeling when you just can't get enough? Each month, we publish a list of recommendations related to our current theme for further reading.

Check out our recommendations roundups here.

Member spotlights

Our members come from all over the world and represent all different human experiences. Member spotlights feature our readers who have something in common with a selection or theme.

Check out our member spotlights here.

book discussions

Our monthly discussions take place on our Instagram page. There, you can interact with fellow readers, participate in Instagram Lives with our moderators and authors, and immerse yourself further in our community! Find all the details for our upcoming discussions on our Calendar.

Check out our Instagram page @diversebooksclub.

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Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.
— Jacqueline Woodson