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Classroom Connections: Using the DBC in Your Classroom

classroom connections graphic.png

The number one goal I set as a teacher this school year was to expose my students to a diverse range of literature spanning topics, genres, and formats. The Diverse Books Club has become such a natural addition to complement that goal. Currently, I’m using part of my whiteboard as our “DBC” board (see Instagram post). It has the theme for the month and proudly displays the month’s picture books and middle grade pick (although, that one doesn’t stick around for long!). 

Each month, students are tasked with choosing one book and completing an activity based on a skill we are working on mastering. At the end of the month, we come together and discuss.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Choose a place in your room that is accessible.
2. Stock your shelves with the books.
3. Set a purpose for reading the books (even if it’s just enjoyment!).
4. Watch them fly off the shelf!

Do you read the DBC picks with your students or have them accessible in your classroom? If so, what grade do you teach and how have they responded?