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March Classroom Connections

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We are so excited to use this month’s DBC selections in our classrooms, and we hope you are, too! For this month’s Classroom Connections, we are focusing on ways your students can learn more about women in STEM.


Have students read the picture book biographies from this month’s DBC picture book selections. Have them choose one biography subject to focus on. As they read, have students identify 3-4 objects that they would have put in a museum exhibit about the subject. For example, a Jane Goodall exhibit might include her binoculars, or a Eugenie Clark exhibit might include her scuba flippers. For each “artifact”, students can draw it on a piece of paper, then add an index card “caption” to explain the significance of each object. Have students stick their “artifacts” and “captions” on a piece of chart paper. Then, have students write a blurb about the person who they focused on. Put up the “exhibits” around the room. Have students go on a museum walk to learn about the women in STEM other groups focused on.

Students as Researchers

Have your students research the current state of Women in STEM. Through their research inquiry, students can explore the following questions: What are some of the obstacles preventing women from entering STEM fields? How can we encourage all kids to learn about STEM topics?

Here are some resources they can use to explore:
Newsela Article: A special summer camp for girls who love science and math
Newsela Article: School program tries to help more girls focus on science, math classes
Newsela Article: Woman marine biologists want girls to enter the field of shark research 
Washington Post Article: Women of NASA get their own Lego set 

Read/Write a Biography

Have students choose one woman to research and write a biography. Be sure to have plenty of biographies/nonfiction texts available in the classroom including, but not limited to, the DBC picks! There are so many wonderful Who Was books out there and Graphic Library biographies that would be an excellent source of information for middle grade classrooms. 

Engage in Science With Your Students!

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to engage in scientific inquiry with our students. There are so many ways to incorporate science into your school day, no matter what subject you teach. Here are some of our favorite resources for sneaking science into your busy day:

-You can sign up for a Mystery Science membership at Students can engage in quick, hands-on science experiments to answer fascinating questions.
-During a listening station, have your students listen to the Wow in the World podcast from NPR. Join hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas on a journey away from your screens, inside your brain, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation. Lorraine’s students love listening to new episodes and taking scientific notes while they listen!

Uncovering Hidden Figures

4th and 5th grade teachers! Head over to @readlikearockstar Teachers Pay Teachers store to find her collaborative lesson with @apron_education that features an informative ebook, S.T.E.M. challenges, debate and discussion prompts, vocabulary challenges, writing assignments, note catchers, and more! 

You can find their unit at: and searching for “Uncovering Hidden Figures.”