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Welcome to the New Home for the Diverse Books Club!

Welcome, Readers!

A year ago, I made a personal goal to expand my reading life by intentionally choosing diverse literature. Prior to that, I was reading in a bubble. I was unaware of the truly rich body of stories available from authors working hard to contribute to the canon of marginalized human experiences. I knew that I had a lot to learn, but I didn't want to go it alone. I asked if anyone was interested in reading with me, and just a few weeks later we had a community of members and a team of moderators. The Diverse Books Club was shaped out of a common desire to learn more about our fellow humans -- to grow empathy, understanding, and paths to advocacy and change.

We kicked off our first season by reading stories about African American Experiences in the United States, and from there went on to read about eight more diverse topics: immigrant and refugee experiences, differing abilities, LGBTQ+ pride, adoption and fostering, chronic illness, women in science, class and poverty, and mental health. In those first nine months, we read 67 titles. We released a summer reading guide containing 33 more. As I write this, we are knee-deep in planning for fall 2018. All this to say that though we've read a lot of books together, it is only a fraction of the diverse literature available to us -- and still, we need more diversity in literature.

We still have one month left for summer reading, and we can't wait to discuss a few more of our summer picks with you on Instagram throughout the month of August. In our second season together, beginning in September, we're planning to continue this work in reading about new themes within diverse literature. On August 6th, we'll announce our September reading theme, and on August 11th, we'll announce our September Selections.

We are so pleased to introduce you to the new home for the Diverse Books Club. Our team first envisioned this site back in January, when we realized that Goodreads wasn't the right fit for our particular community. You can now engage in discussions with us on Instagram, and find all of our related content right here on our site. We dreamt up a space where we could share all of the things that make us unique, for a truly cohesive DBC experience. After months of brainstorming and many hours spent transferring content, we're so happy to finally share this space with you. We encourage you to take time to explore the site and get to know the various branches of the DBC. Feel free to leave comments, and share your excitement with us on Instagram and Twitter. If you've been reading with us and would like to support us further in covering the operational costs of the DBC, we're grateful for your support through our new Patreon page.

I would be remiss not to mention the amazing readers who make up our team. These women spend countless hours volunteering their time to make this experience come to life for our members. They give up Saturday mornings for team meetings, put aside their own TBR's to preview selections, and show endless enthusiasm for the mission of the DBC. Chelsey, RA, Lori, Sara, Jessica, Morgan, Alexandra, Joslyn -- thank you. You are like family to me.

Finally, thank you, Readers. For being here. For reading with us, for digging into hard conversations, for sharing your experiences. This community holds a place in my heart. My reading life has changed. My perspective has changed. And I have so much more to learn from you.

Happy Reading,