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Author Profile: Sarah Moon

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Where she is now: Moon lives in Brooklyn, New York with her wife, Jasmine, and her dog, Otis. 

You might know her from: Sparrow is Moon’s first novel, but she previously edited The Letter Q , a collection of letters by queer writers to their younger selves.  She also wrote a letter for the collection.

When’s she’s not writing: Moon is a teacher and a translator.

Moon on writing:

Sarah, what scene in SPARROW was really hard for you to write and why? 

I really, really struggled to write the scene with Dr. Katz, Sparrow and her mom. It felt like an important scene, and one that I really wanted to get right. So in the first (several) attempts, it was all wrong because I was trying so hard to get it all perfect. When I let go of getting it perfect, it finally came together. It was also hard to write the scene when Sparrow goes to Leticia when Mrs. Wexler dies, because I kept crying (not like, oh, I am so moved by my own words, but because it reminded me of losses I experienced as a teenager).

What do you hope readers will take away from SPARROW? 

I hope they take away whatever it is they need in that particular moment -- if that's just a good book recommendation or a new band, or if it's the courage to speak up even when everything in you wants to be silent, all of that is okay by me.

What did SPARROW teach you about writing or about yourself? 

I'd never written fiction in my life before Sparrow, so it taught me a lot. I learned that I don't have to account for every single minute of her day, I can take Sparrow from therapy to home to a flashback to the next week without providing the real-time account of everything she did in between. I learned that not every sentence is followed by "she said" or "she thought".

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