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Author Profile: Beth Vrabel

Each month, we research our authors so that you can learn more about their background and how their stories came to life.



Where she comes from & where she is now: Vrabel grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and now lives in Texas with her family.

Where she studied: Vrabel has a degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

You might know her from: In addition to this month’s DBC selection, Vrabel is the author of a number of books including the Pack of Dorks Series A Blind Guide to Stinkville , and The Reckless Club .  She also has a new release: Bringing Me Back .

When’s she’s not writing: Vrabel is available for all kinds of school visits, from assembles to workshops to skype sessions.  Are you an educator who would like to engage Vrabel with your classroom?  Find more information here

Vrabel on writing: [On including Down Syndrome as a part of Pack of Dorks and cystic fibrosis as a part of Caleb and Kit ]: “It’s important to me that books—especially books for young readers—include diversity. Many families face unexpected challenges, the way Lucy’s family does when Molly is born with Down Syndrome. When things like this happen, families need time to adjust. Maybe they’re even sad and mournful for a time, but then they realize they’re stronger and more capable than they thought. I love that impulsive, self-centered Lucy is the one to prove this to her parents. 

And Caleb, he's just like everyone else--a regular kid, doing regular stuff--but he happens to have this additional challenge of living with chronic illness” - Vrabel

There’s so much more to know: Vrabel will be doing a Skype hangout with some DBC members and moderators on Monday, February 19.  The full video will be uploaded on February 20, so check back to learn more about Beth Vrabel!