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Author Profile: Caela Carter

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Where she comes from & where she is now: Carter grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and Basking Ridge, New Jersey. She and her family now live in Brooklyn, New York.

Where she studied: Carter earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, double majoring in English and Philosophy. She also earned a Masters in Education at Notre Dame. She later earned an MFA in the Writer for Children program at The New School.

You might know her from: In addition to this month’s DBC selection, Carter is the author of a number of novels for middle grade and young adult readers: Me, Him, Them and It (2013), My Best Friend, Maybe (2014), My Life With the Liars (2016), and Tumbling(2016).

When’s she’s not writing: Carter was a teacher for six years and still has a passion for education. Are you an educator and interested in reading this book with your class? Carter loves to do skype visits with students - contact her by email for more information!

Carter on writing: [On how her time as an educator shapes her writing]: “Being around teens is the best way to access their thoughts and actions and worlds. Also, I taught English and reading, so it was great research as to what teens love to read. And, perhaps most importantly, the world of any American between the age of 6 and 18 is largely made up of his or her life at school, so it was great to have a background in schools in order to create that world.” - Carter

There’s so much more to know: Check out this blog post Carter wrote for Pitch Wars and hear her introduce herself!