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Author Profile: Benjamin Ludwig

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Where he is now: Ludwig lives with his wife and his daughter in New Hampshire.

Where he studied:  Ludwig has an MAT in English Education and recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Hampshire.

You might know him from: Ginny Moon is actually Benjamin Ludwig’s debut novel.

When’s he’s not writing: Ludwig was a high school English teacher and a new-teacher mentor.  With his MFA, he hopes to teach at a collegiate level.  He also is a father; he and his wife adopted a daughter with autistm shortly after they were married.  It was while sitting at one of her special Olympics basketball games that he came up with the idea for this story.

Ludwig on writing: [on exploring Ginny’s voice]: “When Ginny’s voice came to me, I immediately started writing, letting her narrate lots of monologues. Then I asked, what would cause a person to talk this way? Right away the answers came: she repeats things because she needs to reassure herself that they’re true; she confesses things internally because, in her world, there was a very real penalty for complaining. She counts because knowing how many slices of bread are in the bag gives her security. It gives her something concrete that she can know for certain.” - Ludwig

There’s so much more to know: Ludwig writes on his blog about his personal experience as a novelist.  He has a particularly interesting post about balancing writing and teaching; read it here.