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Author Profile: Josh Sundquist

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Where he comes from & where he is now: Sundquist was born in Charlottesville Virginia.  At age seventeen, he moved to Colorado to pursue ski racing full time.  He now lives in California with his wife.

Where he studied:  Sundquist as a degree in business from the College of William and Mary and a Masters in Communication from the University of Southern California.

You might know him from: Sundquist’s first memoir, Just Don’t Fall , was a national bestseller.  He was named to People Magazine’s 2017 “Social Media Power List.”  He’s also quite well known across the internet for his one-legged Halloween costumes. 

When’s he’s not writing: he is a well-known motivational speaker and has had the opportunity to speak across the country. He was also a Paralympic skier.  Sundquist was diagnosed at age nine with bone cancer and his left leg was amputated.  Three years later, he began skiing and represented the US in the 2006 Paralympics in Turin, Italy.  He is now a member of the U.S. Amputee Soccer Team.

Sundquist on writing: Regarding Love and First Sight: “[ Did you draw on any experiences from your own life? ] That I used to be a teenager with a disability was a useful framework in thinking about a character who is a teenager with a disability. Like, I’m cognizant of how strangers (or new friends) might interact with such a person. That said, my intention wasn’t so much to write a story that would change the way readers think about people who lack eyesight as it was to change the way readers think about their own eyesight and their relationship to the visual world.” - Sundquist

There’s so much more to know: Stay up to date with Sundquist’s speeches, writings, and Halloween costumes through his twitter account.